LocPress – An Integrated Localization Solution for WordPress

WordPress powers over 75 million websites and is the world’s most popular CMS – and it’s open source and freely available to anyone. In this free and open spirit LocServe are pleased to announce the LocPress solution, a translation integration solution with WordPress which does not require any upfront investment.

What is a translation integration solution?

There are many “solutions” to translating your WordPress website. Some use automatic translations such as Google translate and some include export functions where content is sent to external files to enable human translation. Others provide an interface for a translator to work within WordPress to translate directly on the website.

But increasingly the recognized standard for professionally translating your WordPress website should include an integration to a professional translation environment, or what is commonly known as computer-assisted translation (CAT) software. CAT environments provide the tools necessary to perform effective and accurate translations. They commonly include language specific spell checkers, translation memories and many other functions designed to improve quality and reduce the cost of human translation.

The LocPress integration plugin lets you send content directly from your WordPress website to LocServe for translation, and receive the translated content back to WordPress without ever having to export a file, provide 3rd party access to your website or pay for additional plugins.

Convinced? Get Started – Install Polylang

LocPress works directly with the multilingual plugin Polylang (also freely available!) to enable multilingual functionality and the management of languages on your website. Both LocPress and Polylang are easy to install and to configure.

Once both Polylang and LocPress are installed and activated, WordPress managers can send content they want localized directly to LocServe for translation, and when complete, it can then be pulled back into WordPress ready for review or publication.


1. Deactivate other multilingual plugins installed on your website. They may conflict with Polylang and LocPress.

2. Install and activate the Polylang plugin as usual from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3. In the configuration of Polylang, on the first screen select to add languages to your website. Be sure to add the original language (source language). You can add and remove languages later.

4. It’s recommended to allow Polylang to translate media but this can be changed later.

5. Tell Polylang which language is the default language for all content on your website. This is usually the source language.

6. On the final screen of the Polylang setup select to Return to the Dashboard. Any configuration changes can be made later.

7. LocPress is available as a downloadable zip. Download LocPress, install and Activate through the WordPress Plugin options.

LocPress Selection

Installing Plugin

8. Create a profile in LocPress (LocPress > Profiles)

9. Select content for translation (for example, pages or posts) and submit for translation. This can be done for individual articles (select Translate) or using the Bulk Actions function for multiple articles.

Then hit “Submit for translation” with your new created Profile selected:

LocServe will receive your content for translation but please also email sales@locserve.co.uk to provide additional details of the service you require, such as free machine translation or language specific requirements.

You can also use the form below to submit further contact details, additional files and any further information which maybe relevant.

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