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Whether it’s a localized website, software or documentation, an in-context review by a native speaker and a functional test by a QA Engineer are essential to ensure a bug free end product. But the QA process starts before localization begins.


With LocServe there will an element of testing before we begin to localize your product. As part of our standard process LocServe will test to ensure your product is localizable (world-ready), and any bugs found should be addressed before localizing to prevent repetition across multiple languages. This step is commonly known as Internationalization.

Localization Testing

Following translation a full test of the localized product will be performed. This will combine traditional testing methods with those specific to the localization industry. The localized product will be checked for cosmetic issues and will be compared to the original product for functionality and performance.

LocServe have expertise in testing software, websites and online help systems across localized platforms and browsers. We are also experienced in checking the validity of XML assets.

Linguistic Testing

A recommended step after the translation stage and the product has been rebuilt is Linguistic Testing – whereby a native speaker reviews the product in its final format for correctness and completeness.

LocServe can manage the Linguistic Testing process if required, and can provide staging platforms for websites.

3rd Party Quality Approvals

As a natural element of your quality plan you may want to QA the work performed for you by your translation agency.

This can involve:

  • Linguistic Reviews
  • Software Testing – for Localization issues
  • Website QA

This will help to monitor the quality and performance of your language service provider and will add an additional QA step. LocServe can perform these QAs and will provide a detailed Quality Assurance report detailing the areas tested and the issues found.

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