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Compelling and relevant international content is crucial to many companies. Recent research in the European Union has shown that companies with formal language plans show substantially higher growth rates than their otherwise similar counterparts that lack such plans.” LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association)

Most spoken languages on the planet as a native language

Mandarin Chinese 14%
Spanish 6%
English 5%
Hindi 4%
Other 71%
Less than 10% of the world’s population speak English
and even fewer speak it as a native language
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LocServe is a professional Translation and Localization Services company with over 20 years experience and a network of independent linguistic and localization professionals.

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LocServe is a localization company that has been providing high quality, professional localization services for over 6 years. From websites to mobile applications and from Word documents to Indesign, we will find the solution which meets your specific needs.

LocServe offer localization services across a wide range of technologies and we find solutions for buyers, LSPs and linguists. Just send us your documents, app or URL and we will do the rest.

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Free Localization Service for All New Customers

We’re offering a free translation service for all new customers. Just send in your source documents and we’ll translate it automatically. Use the translated documents to test for your localization readiness.

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